The Originate Method 

Go beyond food sensitivities and restrictive diets.
We investigate deeper to make sure that

your progress is truly sustainable.   


Calm Digestion
 Get relief from gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, loose stools,
and other embarrassing bowel battles.

Quell Inflammation
Eliminate chronic sources of inflammation
to ensure sustainable and lasting results.

Peak Performance
 Reap the whole-body benefits of better gut health—
for your brain, mood, skin, energy, and more!

 I can help you take the guesswork out of gut health!

Have you been through all the invasive testing—only to be told everything checks out fine?
Do you restrict your diet or take random supplements—but still worry what embarrassing things your gut will do next?

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with SIBO, IBS,

or another gut condition—

and just wish you could find solutions that would last.

The Originate Method

Let’s get you back to living your life 
By identifying the origin of gut inflammation, the Originate Method enables us to address the source of imbalance — so you can get back to feeling confident and calm.  


Imagine feeling confident in your body again

Using the Originate Method, we can uncover the origin of your symptoms using functional medicine testing and assessment. We’ll correct the source of inflammation to prevent relapse.

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