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How to Beat Morning Anxiety

mood Oct 22, 2020

Do you ever wake up feeling anxious?

You know, that feeling of "something is wrong" but you don't really know what, because everything is actually fine ...

I bet you do. Because if you have IBS, anxiety is so very common.


Join me in this video, taken from my monthly live Q&A inside the From The Gut Community, to find out how you can begin to get control over your morning anxiety. 


My top 3 tips to manage anxiety while healing IBS:

1) Manage your mind: get started by watching the video above 

2) Get inflammation coming from bacterial and yeast overgrowth under control

3) Correct nutrient deficiencies (this can be due to #2)


In this video, I dive into Strategy #1.

We all have, on average, at least 6,000 thoughts a day!

That doesn't mean they are all important or that we are even aware of them. But it just shows you how we can choose to focus and believe thoughts that either serve us or ones that sabotage our day. ...

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