How I went from a disempowered "tired of being tired" patient to Naturopathic Doctor helping 100s of clients live their best life. 

Before there was a blog. Before the clinical practice. Before the online workshops…there was a "tired of being tired" girl desperate to feel better.

I found myself in my doctor's office. I wanted to turn my health around but I didn't know how. 

I was told everything is "fine."

What was I missing?

...I quickly realized:

"I need to figure this out for myself"

I searched for another solution.

When I learned about Naturopathic Medicine, there was no turning back.

The focus on prevention made so much sense to me.

I always had a "sensitive stomach," but never thought much of it until it kept getting worse and worse.

I had no idea what IBS was at the time and that this could be part of why I had low iron and was tired all the time. 

Naturopathic Med School, Functional Medicine Training & 100s of Clinic Hours Later…


I started to see lots of patients that had accepted that gas and bloating was just part of daily life, despite how embarrassing and uncomfortable it felt. 

So I started to investigate and uncover underlying causes of chronic gut issues.

When I addressed the deeper imbalances, that's when my patients saw momentum.

I began to develop a gut health framework for eliminating stomach pain, navigating diet and food sensitivities, and reversing gut inflammation.

Treating the body as a whole and supporting multiple systems together was part of the "secret sauce."  

I created a step-by-step framework for healing gut inflammation.

I discovered how my gut, my hormones and my mood were all connected.

This was going to be the foundation to long-term wellness. So I doubled down and learned how to heal naturally, with the whole body in mind. I learned:

  • How to use food to heal leaky gut. 
  • How to change my lifestyle habits to regulate my hormones.
  • How to balance my mood with herbs and supplements. 

A Little About Me

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor with additional certification in IV Vitamin Therapy and BHRT.   

Published “Mind-Body Approaches to Alter Gene Expression” feature in the Integrated Healthcare Practitioners (IHP) Magazine.

Mama bear, obsessed with my loving family!

By moving away from “treat the symptom” and into “treat the cause,” even the newbie can bypass overwhelm and frustration.