Before there was the clinical practice, there was a "tired of being tired" girl desperate to feel better.

I found myself in my doctor's office wanting to turn my health around but I didn't know how. 
I was told everything was "fine" but I didn't feel fine... what was I missing?
That's when I realized ... 
I need to figure this out for myself.

After years of Naturopathic Medical School & Hundreds of Clinic Hours Later…

Many of my patients had already accepted gas and bloating as a regular part of their daily life; despite how embarrassing and uncomfortable it felt.

This wasn't something I wanted my patients to settle for which ultimately lead me to investigate deeper to uncover the underlying causes of chronic gut issues.

Together we addressed the deeper imbalances and that's when my patients began to see positive changes in their well-being.

I developed a framework for eliminating stomach pain, navigating food sensitivities, and reversing gut inflammation.


Treating the body as a whole and supporting multiple systems was part of the "secret sauce"

My Approach

I created a step-by-step framework for healing gut inflammation. 

I discovered how the gut, skin and mood were all deeply connected. I doubled down and studied how to heal the gut naturally, with the whole body in mind.
When I think back on my journey; I cannot help but feel grateful. 
It is amazing to see where I am today; in control of my health, a mother of two amazing children, with a loving and supportive partner and a practice that has helped hundreds. 

"Changing lives is more than a profession for me;

it is a passion." 


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, CCNM & CONO
  • Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics Standard of Practice, CONO
  • Intravenous Infusion Therapy Standard of Practice, CONO 


  • "The Thyroid-SIBO Connection," CJNM
  • "The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Metabolic Syndrome," NDNR
  • "Mind-Body Approaches to Alter Your Gene Expression," Integrated Healthcare Practitioner
  • "Probiotics and Psychiatry," NDNR Scholarship - First Place

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